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Help send a true Conservative Republican voice to the nation's Capitol. Jeff will stand-up for you and always do what's right. He will not be controlled by special interest groups and will always listen. Your donation of just $25 can help send a voice of the people to Washington, D.C.

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Most of us recognize America is in trouble. It simply does not have to be this way...

We don't need to change America, we don't need to change our form of government; what we need to change is who we send to Washington. We cannot keep sending the wrong people to Congress and expect them to do the right thing.

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I am a committed to the defense of the Constitutional freedoms of all Georgians...

As a public servant, I've always put principles ahead of politics, sometimes at the expense of my standing with my own party's leadership. For me, there simply isn't any alternative to standing up for what's right and true

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We cannot stand by and watch our conservative values preached, but not practiced...

I need your help to confront our nation's problems head on. With hard work and your support, we can begin restoring our free market system, rebuilding our nation's economy, and creating a better future for Americans.

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Appeal to Heaven
Air National Guard
Proud Member of the Methodist Church
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When people come together for the common good, there is much that can be accomplished! Thanks to all for the support of yesterday's email!